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I feel honored for being able to participate on this intercultural experience. Not only we had main objectives (regarding the NEETs segment) with every workshop we assisted, but I was able to feel that each and everyone of the participants had the will to get involved on the activities. Each and everyone of US made a grate effort to contribute in our own personal ways and possibilities with the project. Some of us through words, others with useful tools and new methods of working that not everybody was familiarized with. Others just by listening and others by showing great openness to new experiences. I think that’s the most valuable aspect of all, that we all showed great and verdict disposition of being part.
Argyris (anargyros)
This program was a very pleasant and constructive experience. I joined it out of interest on the subject of young NEETs, but also out of curiosity about non-formal education.\the result was a very positive experience, during which I have got to meet and know interesting people and gain information about NEETs in other countries and discover new aspects of myself. A great experience!!
As it was the first time I had the chance to participate in a programme like this one, I have to admit that it was truly interesting. I got out of my comfort zone and nevertheless I am usually a wallflower. I took it a step further and shared my thoughts, ideas and felt free to stand up for mine and my team’s rights. For sure I will apply again in the future for similar educational projects in order to meet new people, make friendships and expand my knowledge. Thank you all for the sweet memories, it was a pleasure meeting you all.
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