International Centre for Sustainable Development (ICSD) is a Non-profit Organisation established in Ioannina, Greece. «ICSD» aims are to promote activities that contribute to sustainable development, the raising of the spiritual and economic standards, the scientific discussion and popularization of knowledge both in Greece and internationally. The promotion of «ICSD» objectives performed through activities associated with the development of actions for economic development, entrepreneurship, regional planning, social development and prosperity, reduction of economic and social inequalities and discrimination against poverty, support for vulnerable social groups, promotion of cultural and natural resources for sustainable development and develop new, alternative actions and partnerships in areas such as entrepreneurship, tourism and energy as a means of sustainable development.


Works on a large number of research projects with both national and European partners

Launches a variety of awareness-raising activities, training seminars and events in the field of sustainable development.

Disseminates publications and studies and issues press regarding sustainable development

Participates in press conferences concerning issues of sustainable development in Ioannina and other cities.

Working towards activation of inactive youths, trough seminars and educational and training activities on local level.

It has a close cooperation with several Institutes and Organizations aiming at sustainable development. Finally ICSD is certified by the National Agency as Sending, Hosting and Coordinating organization, (2015-1-EL02-KA110-002112) in European Voluntary Service (EVS) projects and has the necessary certificate of Management Capacity for project implementation by the Managing Authority of Operational Programme «Human Resources Development» of the Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance.

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