The mission of the organization is to empower people, professional youth workers, trainers and civil society activists by giving them the opportunity for personal and professional development through non formal learning activities.

We are one of the biggest organization in our region strictly specialized in the field of education and training activities. We have organized several training courses (Erasmus +) which were aimed at education young people about social entrepreneurship, European awareness, citizenship awareness, entrepreneurial abilities and developing skills for better employability. We have special programme developed by the staff in our organization for social entrepreneurship, and using non formal education methods to explain to our youngsters the importance of it. We work actively on local and national level with governmental and non-governmental organization, and local stakeholders in the fields strongly connected with the training courses we had organised.

List of EU funded training courses organized so far by NGO Academy of Success as beneficiary:

«Volunticipation all Over» 2012 (Volunteerism and Active Participation), «Citizentrepreneurship»2013 (Citizenship awareness and entrepreneurship), «Together towards better employability» 2014 (Entrepreneurship and employability), « Active European Citizens» 2014 (Active Participation and EU funding) and «Social entrepreneurship – new opportunity»

2015 (Social Entrepreneurship) We are also organizing local project together with the Municipality of Stara Zagora “Start-up – form idea to successful business” for the young people in Stara Zagora. We educated 60 young people how to write business plan, make market research and develop management plan. We did this project in 3 modules, each 1 month long. The project is very successful, now there are 3 businesses running with more than 3 employees each one of them. One is about jewellery production, second is web pages design business and third one local cafeteria

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