Trip To Montevideo 54

Our first Mobility, A1 – Kick off Meeting will take place in Montevideo, Uruguay (05-10Feb 2017)

Main reason to carry out the project is to activate inactive youth. It means young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEETs).

The project ‘NEETs in NEED’ was created with main goal to activate inactive young people through non-formal based activities being delivered primary by non-governmental organizations with cooperation of all sectors. The consortium decided to focus on NEETs because there is huge possibility that if these young people do not get activated they will become part of long – term unemployed group without any opportunity to develop their full potential and take active part in decision making processes.  The issue of NEETs is also closely connected with development of the whole society because the development of these young people leads to the society’s development in general.

Main aim of the kick off meeting is to review the plan of the project activities, set communication rules, review plans for visibility and dissemination period and especially to focus on the development and launching of the online platform. During the meeting, the representatives of the organizations will share their expectations towards the platform and the role that it should play in the process of supporting exchange of practices in the field of NEETs. The structure of the platform will be drafted during the meeting. Consortium of theis project will held the first activity – A1 Kick off meeting in Montevideo Urguay from 05 february as starting Date till 10 February as Ending Date.
There will be 4 participants from each parter organization.


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